Friday, September 21, 2007

Assignment 2

I read "Tort Reform didn't Work (And Won't)". This article is about Texas State regulation of insurance premiums. Texas does not regulate it and cannot regulate it. The legislation on state regulation was written and rewritten by insurance companies and they are able to maneuver around the laws so that they are able to charge what they desire, even though the government feels it is an inflated price. The insurance companies, such as Allstate and State Farm, claim that they need liquid assets for when, not if, Texas gets pummled with severe weather. In reality, the insurance companies' profit levels have increased dramatically.
As students at ACC this does or soon will affect us. Many of us will, if you don't already, have to start paying for homeowner's, medical, life insurance, etc. As of right now, there is no State regulation on insurance and is resulting in high premiums. If legislation is not changed, the number of uninsured Americans will continually increase due to the absense of affordable insurance.