Thursday, October 4, 2007

A Vote to Change Voting in the House and Senate

On Novemeber 6 there will be a vote in Congress on Proposition 11. Propositio 11, if passed, would require that the votes of all of the members of the House and Senate would be recorded. Since 2005, both the House and the Senate have been recording all of their votes, so those that oppose the proposition state that it not necessary to change the Constitution if Congress is already doing it. However, under the current rules they can decide to stop doing it at any time. Proposition 11 would merely require the records to be kept so that Congress could not decide they do not want to keep records on this contraversial vote or another.
I feel that this is a necessary amendment to the Texas Constitution, as it has been to forty other states. Although it will cost tax payers a little more, roughly $125,000, knowledge is worth more than money, and that is a small price to pay for the increase in knowledge of our government.
The record of votes is the ultimate truth. If politicians were not notorious liars, this would not be necessary. However, we do not live in that Eutopia and we deserve to know what our officials have to say and believe. I, for one would like to know if the Congressmen are standing by the beliefs that they spoke so strongly about during their campaigns, and following through on them once in office.

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