Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Turn it Down, Way Down

That is rediculous! I am definitely on your side on this one. How does that realty phrase go again? Location, location, location?! Yea, I think that's it. If you don't like the location don't move there. Location does not only mean placement in a city, but also what is around in the area. And if you don't like clubs or live music why would you move anywhere near 6th St. That is what 6th St is. I don't know maybe they didn't get the memo. Or they're spoiled and are used to geting everything handed to them. I wonder if they threw a temper tantrom on the first night when the music was too loud. I guess Austin officials don't care about our status of live music capital of the world. We won't be able to keep that if no one can here they music, they'll just go to another city. I'm sure there are several cities and businesses that would love the income from tourists there to hear some live music, and actually be able to here it. I just hope that this doesn't too badly cripple our economy, because it will, the question is to what extent.

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