Sunday, November 11, 2007

Baby Moses Law

Another child was saved this week thanks to the Texas Baby Moses law. The law states that mothers can leave an unwanted child up to 60 days old at a hospital, fire station or emergency infant care provider without facing abandonment or endangerment charges. This law was put in place after abandoned babies were being found in unsafe places and it has shown some success.
The Dallas Baby Moses center says that of 100 abandoned babies each year in Texas at least 16 will be found dead and an unknown number of them will never be found at all. After parental rights are terminated, the Moses babies are put up for adoption or into foster care. The article covering the story in the Houston Chronicle says the mother is not likely to face any charges in the matter.
Although some people might think this is cruel or wrong to allow or even encourage mothers to abandon their infants, many beleive it has lowered the abortion and infant death rates. Although it is not ideal, it was Texas lawmakers way of proposing a solution. A Dallas based site states that legislature provides no funding but it is all done by local hospitals. This is a great law that allows citizens to help eachother out. If a mother cannot take care of her child, then others, nurses, firefighters, CPS workers, foster parents, step up to help her out. This helps aleviate the stress of not knowing what to do that sometimes leads parents to harming or killing their own children. Hopefully in the future more laws like this can help lower the number of unwanted babies and help give children better, safer lives. For those who disagree, maybe they can be the ones to step up and propose a solution, or help save the abandoned babies.

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